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Blue – Blue/ Albastru / Azul / Neelam

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Blue – Blue/ Albastru / Azul / Neelam

June 11, 2023 admin Comments Off
Video Performance, 16:07 min.

The Blue project was born during the “Words work” workshop at the Mother Tongue Festival in February of 2023. The aim of the project was to create a collaboration where we bring our diverse ideas, languages, and identities together to understand how gestures create a sense of belonging towards oneself, and towards one another. Therefore, I join to the visual artist, Leia Mocan and the performer, Subhashini Goda, to work on the commonalities of gestures and on how colours were linked to emotions, regardless of one’s national, ethnic, or racial identity. The one colour that we commonly pointed out for its multiple interpretations was the colour blue, ranging from significations of royalty, vastness and divinity to mundane and dislike.