mixed media, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and video


About Bubbles, 2020

https://youtu.be/Jo9IlGZhQLA Video Collage, Personal archive footage, mixed media and soap bubbles 5:40 Metaphorical analogy with a philosophical and emotional approach to life, death and after during the isolation due Covid 19 pandemic.

Colonized series 2022

https://youtu.be/lCfzphuE-DI Part I - The Invasion - Colonization and Settlement. Capitalism and Imperialism Exploitation of the land and people (Video Collage, performance in video 3:11 min) https://youtu.be/cx8folFftaA Part II - The “Other” - Coloniality of power - Legacy of epistemic racism and discrimination - colonial mentality (Silent video performance 3:45 min) As an immigrant black woman, I’ve continually questioning my place on the society and reshaping my own identity. I will present some of my reflections and queries on coloniality Identity and decolonial aesthetics. The “Other” represent the different for european standards, an unfortunate legacy from coloniality that still prevails


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B60A4IQmCDU Video Performance, Video Collage, Sculpture, mixed media and found objects 14:39 min This video will presentes some key points of the process of colonization and its legacy on modern society through a non linear narrative with a historical, poetic unromanticized approach that might cause discomfort. As a cyclic natural process, the end resonates with the beginning. However in a personal approach to the same concerns.

Steer Fragment, 2023

https://youtu.be/YPSN8k7n5f8 Video fragment of experimental reflexive movie on multiculturalism, migration, identity and belonging. Video Performance and Sand stop motion animation 4:00 min As our society becomes more complex and more diverse, belonging is no more a privilege but a need. Multicultural societies have an increasing and inevitable challenge to be adequate for those who come and leave with the whole cultural baggage they bring. In this work, I explore barriers and obstacles that distance us from our origins, but lead us to the construction of a new being integrated into our present and based on our cultural identity. Places, objects,

Saudade – Poem

https://youtu.be/Z-kxNpBa2hE Video Performance. Poem 3:00 min Saudade is a Portuguese and Galician word for a feeling of longing for something that can be time, place, person(s), a feeling, a moment, objects, a situation, an idea, a state of mind or a relationship phase etc. . Doesn't translate well in English, despite being a sentiment well known to all of us.Saudade is also related to happiness, when memories and nostalgic moments are brought into the present. Or in imagining things that might happen in the future if the present were changed. Longing is something we carry with us. We don't want


https://youtu.be/fU-OTLRYPRU Video Performance 5:01 Juxtaposition of communication. What I say and what I really feel.Saudade or the feeling of longing, can be described as an act of love and memory.However, for those who set out on the road to distant lands and find this companion, they feel the weight of its call and often find themselves unable to describe what they lack. The prison is internal and the body feels wounded. Language frees, but needs to be recited and understood. Finding new loves, retracing the path and living with the past is a challenge that every immigrant faces. Being able

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