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Colonized series 2022

Colonized series 2022

June 11, 2023 admin Comments Off
Part I – The Invasion – Colonization and Settlement. Capitalism and Imperialism Exploitation of the land and people (Video Collage, performance in video 3:11 min)
Part II – The “Other” – Coloniality of power – Legacy of epistemic racism and discrimination – colonial mentality (Silent video performance 3:45 min)

As an immigrant black woman, I’ve continually questioning my place on the society and reshaping my own identity. I will present some of my reflections and queries on coloniality Identity and decolonial aesthetics. The “Other” represent the different for european standards, an unfortunate legacy from coloniality that still prevails through epistemic racism.

Part III – Territory – Legacy of capitalism. consumerism, Pollution, waste, anthropocene, necropolitics (Clothes for donations, found material 4:58 min)

The objects used in these project are metaphors about consumerism and capitalism and the space these objects occupy in our modern life. The consumerism, feeds the neocolonialism system that shares the same root as the capitalism which consist in a economical dominance over nations, previously colonized in most of the cases. In the same way colonization and its legacy of coloniality occupies and controls territories, natural resources, human bodies, culture and knowledge.

Part IV – Detox- A quest for painful questions and answers (Sculpture, Video collage and video performance 5: 44 min)

Digging deep inside my own concepts on the attempt to create somethings new and for the future.