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Steer Fragment, 2023

Steer Fragment, 2023

June 11, 2023 admin 0 Comments
Video fragment of experimental reflexive movie on multiculturalism, migration, identity and belonging. Video Performance and Sand stop motion animation 4:00 min

As our society becomes more complex and more diverse, belonging is no more a privilege but a need. Multicultural societies have an increasing and inevitable challenge to be adequate for those who come and leave with the whole cultural baggage they bring. In this work, I explore barriers and obstacles that distance us from our origins, but lead us to the construction of a new being integrated into our present and based on our cultural identity. Places, objects, sensations, memories, stories, people and components that we leave on the way or find and take with us make up the scenario of each phase of the change process. The ocean is a fundamental element to represent one of these barriers, as it represents throughout history and geology a medium that unites our lands and our past and yet has been the bearer of so many tears of those who leave and those who remain. The sand is fragments of rough terrain and stories.

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